Drones in the DRC

The UN has been using drones in the DRC for years, but the challenges of intelligence gathering in eastern DRC are formidable.

The Man in Charge of MONUSCO

RICHARD STUPART interviews Lt Gen. Derrick Mgwebi on the mission ahead

Fighting Season Sees Major Battles In Sudan

Sudan government forces attacked at least six rebel-held locations across the Nuba mountains this week, sparking the largest battles the region has seen in almost a year.

Inside SA’s Arms Deal: What did they buy?

The Seriti Commission was a whitewash, but within the findings are two important things that the commission got right: That the procurements were justified and necessary, and that they are being utilised within SANDF guidelines.

Plan B for South Africa’s Military

A looming budget speech is set to strip the South African military of what little funding it has left. It is past time for an alternative future policy that fits a cash-strapped defence force.

Darfur Camps for Displaced to Close Amid Spike in Conflict

This article first appeared on Nuba Reports, and is republished here with their kind permission. The fate of hundreds of thousands of Darfuris displaced by conflict has become even more uncertain as the Sudan government moves to shut down all camps for internally...

Conflict Looms as Sudanese Troops Assemble

This article first appeared on Nuba Reports, and is republished here with their kind permission. Conflict looms in the two conflict areas of South Kordofan and Blue Nile states as the Sudanese government amasses troops along the borders of rebel-controlled areas....

The Man in Charge of MONUSCO

The new commander of the United Nations’ mission in the DRC, MONUSCO, has been announced. RICHARD STUPART talks to the new commander of the UN’s largest peacekeeping force, LT GEN. DERRICK MGWEBI, about his hopes for the mission.

SAAF Pilots, Engineers, Loadmasters Receive Wings

On 26 November 24 pilots, flight engineers, loadmasters and aerial photographers were awarded their brevets and half brevets at AFB Langebaan. The awarding of these individuals’ wings is the result of a training programme that began in early 2014. For many, particularly the pilots, this ceremony represents just the start of their training in the air force.

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Whither the Pirates?

Whither the Pirates?

Did you know that roughly 57 people are currently in pirate hands? Or that the average pirate will make up to $75,000 a run?


Rheinmetall Denel Defence Day in Pictures Part 1

A joint weapons and ammunition exhibition and testing by Rheinmetall and Denel was held from 20-23 April. Showcasing a wide array of systems and munitions, the several days’ live firings impressed the firepower and technology at hand in South Africa.

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France announces order for Airbus A330 MRTT air-to-air refuelling aircraft

The French Air Force has enormous experience in the field of air-to-air refuelling. It knows the factors which are critical to success and its selection of the A330 MRTT is a real honour for us. In addition it is a long-standing operator of our transport aircraft and as always we are particularly proud in gaining the further confidence of an existing customer.”

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The Idiot’s Guide to AAD 2014

So your company has booked flights and a hotel in some odd place called Gauteng, where you’re going to attend a defence exhibition you’re not all that familiar with. You’ve been to the big shows like EUROSATORY and SOFEX, but what is this Africa Aerospace and Defence thing?

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