African Defence Review is a new approach to understanding African crises. Appreciating the need for practical and accessible insights into the complicated dynamics of conflicts being waged throughout the continent, African Defence Review provides timely information that is valuable for military and private organisations alike.

Understanding both the broad issues and local trends in specific conflicts is important for a wide range of organisations and actors invested in ending them. Beyond this, the African warfighter – whether local or foreign – knows the importance of good intelligence in a timely and accessible format. African Defence Review provides this.

Whether through our podcasts, video or written interviews and analyses, we work to create a unique blend of on-the-ground insight and expert analysis that is valuable for anyone involved in or affected by conflict in Africa. Concisely covering a wide range of issues makes our coverage easily accessible across multiple devices, from the boardroom to the battlefield.

African Defence Review is currently reaching African defence policymakers, industry heads, soldiers, civilians and international organisations through a combination of subscription newsletters, podcasts, briefs and social media. Instead of blanket distribution of information, African Defence Review targets audiences specifically interested in conflict- and defence-related coverage, whether the status of an air force’s inventory or the emergence of a new crisis.Ours is an innovative new approach to defence intelligence and news. The African battlespace is changing and so too are media covering it.


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