Army Moves on Zimbabwe Election Protestors

THOMAS HOLDER captures scenes in Harare as the army uses live rounds and sjamboks on election protestors.

The Lusophone Jihadists?

Are they or aren’t they? What do we actually know? JOHN STUPART asks some questions.

Rooivalk DRC deployment costs revealed

DARREN OLIVIER looks at the numbers behind the debate around keeping the Force Intervention Brigade’s attack helicopters.

A timeline of the coup in Zimbabwe

A timeline of the coup in Zimbabwe

Whatever the initial objectives, for most of the 14th of November the ZDF forces who had appeared in or around Harare appeared to be calm, taking no specific action, and nobody in the civilian government, ruling party, or military appeared willing to comment. In the early morning of the 15th, the situation changed. Dramatically.

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THOMAS HOLDER and DARREN OLIVIER attend the 2017 Armed Forces Day demonstration.


Whither the Pirates?

Whither the Pirates?

Did you know that roughly 57 people are currently in pirate hands? Or that the average pirate will make up to $75,000 a run?


Rheinmetall Denel Defence Day in Pictures Part 1

A joint weapons and ammunition exhibition and testing by Rheinmetall and Denel was held from 20-23 April. Showcasing a wide array of systems and munitions, the several days’ live firings impressed the firepower and technology at hand in South Africa.

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France announces order for Airbus A330 MRTT air-to-air refuelling aircraft

The French Air Force has enormous experience in the field of air-to-air refuelling. It knows the factors which are critical to success and its selection of the A330 MRTT is a real honour for us. In addition it is a long-standing operator of our transport aircraft and as always we are particularly proud in gaining the further confidence of an existing customer.”

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