Rooivalks may return from the DRC

South Africa’s Rooivalk attack helicopters may be due to return from the Democratic Republic of Congo shortly as MONUSCO tries to manage severe budget cuts. DARREN OLIVIER explains why.

Sending the Army to the Townships

Putting troops in the streets of Cape Town would be a dangerous, reckless last resort. DARREN OLIVIER and JOHN STUPART navigate the slippery slope.

What Happened at Kulbiyow?

CONWAY WADDINGTON looks at competing claims about the Jan 2017 attack on the Kenyan Defence Force base in Kulbiyow.

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THOMAS HOLDER and DARREN OLIVIER attend the 2017 Armed Forces Day demonstration.


Understanding the Force Intervention Brigade

Understanding the Force Intervention Brigade

The newly-formed Force Intervention Brigade will shortly be deploying to the area around Goma to help enforce a security zone in the area. Here’s an overview of what this expanded-mandate force is all about.


The Idiot’s Guide to AAD 2014

So your company has booked flights and a hotel in some odd place called Gauteng, where you’re going to attend a defence exhibition you’re not all that familiar with. You’ve been to the big shows like EUROSATORY and SOFEX, but what is this Africa Aerospace and Defence thing?

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African Debut for STREIT Vehicles

Typhoon, Varan, Warrior and Shrek models, which were recently launched at Eurosatory 2014, will make their African debut, along with established best seller products such as Cougar APC

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Airbus A400M successfully demonstrates tanker capability

The Airbus A400M new generation airlifter has performed successfully air-to-air refuelling tests with a F/A-18 Hornet fighter. The tanker test campaign was developed in five flights in which the A400M performed 33 dry contacts and dispensed 18.6 tonnes of fuel to an F/A-18 Hornet in 35 wet contacts.

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Paramount Group’s AHRLAC Makes First Public Flight

Paramount Group’s AHRLAC performed its first flight in front of the media today. The light attack and reconnaissance aircraft is the first all-new fixed-wing combat aircraft to have been designed and developed in South Africa and is already attracting interest from around the world.

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Eurosatory 2014 – Day 2

CONWAY WADDINGTON and RICHARD STUPART look at small arms, unmanned drones of all varieties, loitering “munitions” and much more on day 2.

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