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21 August 2017
The WEEKINAFRICA is a collection of key defence and security stories happening on the continent that the writers at African Defence review have picked up on. Things we can't write about at length, but which we felt you should know about. Please pass it on to friends who could use this weekly security update.

The arrival of a UN regional force in South Sudan will enable the UN Mission in the country, UNMISS to free up additional peacekeepers to mount more “patrols along insecure roads,” the head of the Mission, David Shearer has said. The RPF was mandated by the UN Security Council with a maximum troop strength of 4000 and will bolster the Mission’s capacity to deter violence and protect civilians in the South Sudanese capital, Juba. The 15-member Council authorized the force in the wake of the violence in Juba in July 2016. UN Photo: Isaac Billy

August 18, 2017

Exercise Ndlovu 2017 concludes

South Africa

The South African National Defence Force’s annual force preparation exercise, came to a close last week. Unlike earlier years, the 2017 edition focused on border safeguarding and patrol and was centred in the Kwazulu-Natal province with the exercise joint task force HQ at Naval Base Durban. A total of 1400 personnel from all services took part, with assets deployed including Gripens, Oryx and A109 helicopters, C-47TP and C-130BZ transports, a PC-12, the SAS Spioenkop frigate and SAS Galeshewe offshore patrol vessel, and a level 1 hospital.

Although much diminished from prior years, the annual SANDF force preparation exercise is absolutely vital if readiness is to be maintained. [source]