African Defence Review


18 February 2018

The WEEKINAFRICA is a collection of key defence and security stories happening on the continent that the writers at African Defence review have picked up on. Things we can't write about at length, but which we felt you should know about.

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Bunia, Ituri Province, DR Congo. Pioneer female pilots deployed by MONUSCO’s bangladeshi Aviation unit (BANAIR) in Bunia. The two aviators are contributing their expertise in support of MONUSCO operations aimed at bringing peace and stability in the DRC. Photo MONUSCO/Force

February 16, 2018

Three suicide bombers kill at least 18 in Konduga


In Konduga, Borno State, three suicide bombers (two females and one male) entered Konduga Park where they detonated their IEDs, killing an estimated 18 people and wounding at least 22 others. [source]


February 14, 2018

French forces kill an estimated 20 militants in northeast Mali


French forces conducted airstrikes and air assaults against JNIM militants at three objectives between Boughessa and Tinzaouatene. northeast of Mali. The French forces, who are a part of Operation Barkhane, were reportedly targeting Ansar Dine leader, Iyad Ag Ghaly. There is no word on whether Ag Ghaly was present during the attacks, or his subsequent status, but the French estimated that they killed or captured 20 militants, destroyed three vehicles, and seized several weapons and documents. [source]

February 14, 2018

Inter-communal fighting in Zamfara State leads to an estimated 41 deaths


At Birane village in Zamfara State, an estimated 41 people were killed during an attack by an unidentified group of armed men, described as ‘bandits’. The attackers, who reportedly arrived on motorcycles, began first stopped and opened fire on a passenger bus, killing all of the occupants. Next, the attackers opened fire on the village market.

According to local police, the attack was a continuation of violence over the previous day(s), after a group of hunters from the village attacked a herder (who they accused of stealing cattle). A group of herders then purportedly “mobilised” the so-called bandits, who ambushed the hunters, resulting in a fight that led to an unknown number of deaths. Inter-communal violence in the region has been steadily increasing, with residents of villages clashing with semi-nomadic herders. [source]

February 11, 2018

Police in Borno State intercept two female suicide bombers


In Dikwa, Borno State, police officers shot and killed two female suicide bombers who were reportedly attempting to attack police facilities. The police gunfire caused both suicide bombers’ IEDs to detonate. [source]