Over the past few years, Louis Martin-Vézian of CIGeography has developed a range of incredible silhouette posters featuring the aircraft and squadrons of the world’s major forces. Earlier this year we decided to work together with him on a poster for the South African Air Force, which we’re delighted to reveal today.

The poster contains the most up to date information available about the exact aircraft numbers and types assigned to each squadron, and includes only aircraft and systems that are either in active service or airworthy and in ready reserve. That’s why for instance we have listed only 8 C-130BZs, not 9. Our thanks go to Dean Wingrin of SAAirForce.co.za for his assistance in compiling the data.

We’re planning to offer full-scale posters for sale, but specific pricing and versions will depend on how much interest is out there.

If you would be interested in buying a full-size copy of this poster, please send your details, with the subject line “SAAF poster interest” to dolivier@africandefence.net. We’ll notify you when we do a print run and you can choose whether or not to go ahead with a purchase.

You can also read CIGeography’s poster announcement here.

Infographic showing aircraft of the South African Air Force

Infographic showing aircraft of the South African Air Force