On Wednesday, 1 August 2018, Zimbabwean protestors took to the streets of Harare. The country’s controversial elections – the first since the ousting of dictator Robert Mugabe – had indicated that the ruling party, ZANU-PF, would retain power. Pro-opposition members of the public took to Harare’s streets in protest. The Zimbabwean military reacted with lethal force, deploying armoured cars and troops to the streets. ADR’s Thomas Holder was on the ground in Harare.

A ZDF armoured vehicle with heavy machine gun manned, deploys to a Harare street. Reports indicate that the presidential guard were among the troops deployed. ADR/Thomas Holder

A ZDF truck carrying troops is deployed in downtown Harare. ADR/Thomas Holder

ZDF troops move through Harare’s streets to quell protestors. ADR/Thomas Holder

Troops were deployed after protests occurred across the capital in response to accusations of an unfair vote by the MDC Alliance. ADR/Thomas Holder

A ZDF EE-9 Cascavel armoured car rolls through Harare’s streets. ADR/Thomas Holder

A ZDF soldier threatens a Zimbabwean civilian on the streets of the capital. ADR/Thomas Holder

Soldiers appear to have been armed with live ammunition and sjamboks. At least three people are so far reported killed. ADR/Thomas Holder

Many journalists working in the city center without protective gear were forced to retreat as the army opened fire and attempted to destroy cameras and intimidate anyone caught filming. ADR/Thomas Holder

Armed ZDF troops disperse civilians in Harare. ADR/Thomas Holder

Zimbabwean civilians look on as a ZDF EE-9 Cascavel moves down the street. ADR/Thomas Holder