Rheinmetall and Denel hosted a ‘Defence Day’, the second of its kind, from 20-23 April. The week showcased their large portfolio of defence systems, weapons, and the bombs, bullets and pyrotechnics that make up the sharp end of fighting. The integration of local and international defence technology has produced some very interesting results. Making full use of the Denel Overberg Test Range to illustrate the long range and accuracy of the munitions, the Defence Day proved an informative event for the defence professional, whether in or out of uniform.

A number of images from the event were posted in part 1 of this feature, for this post we are featuring spectacular video footage taken from a variety of cameras and systems at the test range. This includes slow-motion thermal imaging from the range’s specialised tracking systems as well as extremely rare footage from a Rooivalk’s gun camera.

We would like to thank Denel Overberg Test Range for graciously allowing us to display their footage.




The Al Tariq guided munition in action at the Overberg Test Range. Although demonstrated live during the Defence Day, this footage is from a different live testing. The use of the South African Air Force Hawk and general flight trajectory of the munition is accurate, however. EDIT: On request from Denel we have removed this footage.

A 76mm gun firing RDM’s 76 mm naval ammunition at a stationary target on day 2 of the Rheinmetall-Denel Defence Day demonstration.

The firing of less-than-lethal 20 mm grenades at a stationary target. The hits in this case, however, may have been less than less-than-lethal in a real-world scenario.

The new Badger infantry fighting vehicle, about to enter service with the South African Army, firing its Denel-manufactured GI-30 30mm main cannon. The beginning of the video also shows the Badger in its anti-tank, Ingwe-armed variant.

RDM-manufactured pyrotechnics being fired during a daytime demonstration.

The Badger missile variant firing its Ingwe anti-tank missile at a stationary target.

The in-place detonation of a Mokopa air-to-ground missile warhead in order to display the its armour-penetration characteristics.

Firing of the 120 mm mortar system.

A SAAF Rooivalk attack helicopter engages a moving target with its 20 mm cannon. Featuring extremely rare footage from the aircraft’s gun camera.

The RDM “Plofadder” mine-clearance system is demonstrated to a rather explosive effect. The Plofadder 160AT containerised system can clear anti-tank mines to a depth of 300mm and a path of 300m. The smaller man-portable Plofadder 70AP was also demonstrated.

The SAAF Rooivalk attack helicopter engaging targets and conducting general aerobatic displays during the event. This included the firing of 70 mm FFAR rockets.


The Denel T5 155 mm mobile artillery and RDM Assegai ammunition combination at work during the RDM defence days. The stationary target was fired at from the same T5 firing at a much shorter range and levelled out.

A demonstration of Rheinmetall hand-launched smoke grenades.

A demonstration of the turret-mounted Rheinmetall ROSY-L (Rapid Obscurant System – Land) obscuring smoke launchers. The smoke is IR as well as visual-obscuring.

Test-firing of the Umkhonto missile’s rocket motor.