Defence and security company Saab is developing significant new capabilities for its AT4 family of disposable shoulder-launched weapons systems.

The enhanced weapons will deliver extended range (ER) and improved high explosive (HE) effects. Building on the modularity of the 84-mm calibre system applied to both the AT4 and Carl-Gustaf weapons, the new capabilities allow a soldier to engage more types of enemy targets, over longer distances and in more complex environments.

The AT4CS ER takes the well-proven anti-armour capability of the AT4CS (Confined Space) and extends its effective range to 600 m. The AT4CS HE will provide the soldier with a direct-fire support capability capable of engaging enemy troops in air-burst or impact mode out to a distance of 1,000 m.

“The new members of our AT4 family further expand the great versatility of the weapon and emphasise its position as the leading disposable shoulder-launched support weapon on the market,” says Andreas Andersson, Product Director, Ground Combat, Dynamics.

Present in more than 15 countries worldwide, the AT4 system provides the extended range required for mission success, along with night and confined space launch capabilities. Expert gunners are not required to operate the weapon effectively. All AT4s are single-shot and fully disposable. Key characteristics include high target effect and hit probability – resulting in the maximum kill probability for each weapon fired.

The AT4 is a lightweight, man-portable, fully disposable weapon.The AT4 is equally effective against landing craft, aircraft and helicopters as it is against ground vehicles. It can also be employed to protect fixed installations, supply points and other vital assets.With the AT4CS version the system is further optimised for launch inside confined spaces.

With the upcoming capabilities, the AT4CS family will consist of:

* AT4CS HP (High Penetration)

* AT4CS RS (Reduced Sensitivity)

* AT4CS ER (Extended Range)

* AT4CS AST (Anti-Structure)

* AT4CS HE (High Explosive)