Saab is expanding its presence on the African continent and has recently opened an office in Gaborone, Botswana.

With its focus on military defence and civil security, Saab always made it clear that one of the company’s main goals is to grow and break into the Sub-Saharan region. With the growing economy in Africa this expansion has been made all the more important. This is also in line with Saab’s establishment of its ‘Market Area Concept’ which consolidates the markets in which the company is active.

Jerker Ahlqvist, who will be heading up the Saab office in Botswana, comments: “With the establishment of the market areas, Saab is expanding on all continents. With the growing economies in many countries in Africa there is a growing demand for defence and security products – and hence, a demand for Saab products.”

Saab is now represented in South Africa, Kenya and Botswana in Sub Saharan Africa  and is looking at other African countries to have Saab representation.

“Botswana has been selected as the third country to open an office in due to its transparent business environment and solid business opportunities for various products in the Saab portfolio,” says Ahlqvist.

He explains that the office in Botswana has primarily been established to provide a hub for Saab to increase its presence to market its products and to play a role in further strengthen the relationship between Sweden and Botswana.